Masters Swim

About Masters Swim

The Harbor Masters’ Swim Team is registered as an official workout group through Wisconsin Masters and United States Masters. We run group workouts for adult swimmers of all ages and ability levels that will both challenge your fitness level and help you improve your technique, race strategy and general knowledge of the sport. Our team includes athletes who like to compete in local area Masters’ Swim Meets, Triathletes and recreational swimmers just looking for a fun workout. Most workouts are between 2000-3000 yards.

Adult Stroke Technique

Designed to serve as a stepping stone to a masters swim class, participants will do more technique work and less yardage. Harbor is a USMS registered masters workout group of Wisconsin Masters.

Intro to Masters Swim

A perfect class for the adult swimmer who is new to masters swimming, triathlons and/or lap swimming in general.

Masters Swim

Organized and challenging workouts for adult competitive swimmers, triathletes and lap swimmers of all abilities. Workouts range about 2000-3000 yards a session based on ability. Harbor is a USMS registered masters workout group of Wisconsin Masters.

Mega Masters

A 90 minute swim class designed for triathletes and other swimmers looking for a longer workout to help them improve their swimming endurance. Workouts will focus mostly on freestyle and will average around 4000 yards.


Organized and progressive workouts designed especially for the triathlete.  Stroke technique, training and racing strategy and distance freestyle workouts for triathletes of all speeds and abilities. Workouts average between 2000-3000 yards.

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