Karen Rigsby


During the pursuit of a graduate degree in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics, Karen discovered yoga – first as an academic endeavor, a “study aid” for understanding the human body. As a former rower, yoga proved to be much more than an intellectual study guide for Karen; she found it to be profoundly healing after a lifetime of athletics.

Karen now watches, with curiosity, the evolution that continually transcends the physical healing and becomes a source of mental acuity and open-heartedness. Inspired to teach in 2003; she has enjoyed supporting and encouraging others in their yoga journey. Karen believes the physical practice of yoga is transformative not only for our physical body, but more importantly, for the guiding forces of that body; our mind and our soul. Her cues focus on awareness and alignment to keep you safe, challenged, and emboldened. Her language will encourage you to explore the landscape of your own heart and mind and consider new territory.