Mike Woehrl


Michael Woehrl is a strength and conditioning specialist with over 30 years experience in personal training.  Originally from the Madison area, Mike grew up in Middleton before moving to New Mexico where he attended and graduated from New Mexico State University receiving a B.S. in Physical Education. Mike then continued his studies at the University of New Mexico where he earned a M.S. degree in Exercise Physiology. As part of the program at UNM, Mike completed internships working in the weight room of the athletic department working with collegiate level athletes, as well as a season as a high school football assistant coach. Following graduation, Mike moved to Dallas Texas where he worked as an independent personal trainer. Training a broad spectrum of clients and helping them reach their goals in health and fitness. Always continuing to learn, Mike attended many seminars and courses that involved motor learning, neuro-science and nutrition as well as coaching of athletics. The results are an ethos of training the body as a whole specific to the demands of the sport. Mike‘s training for youth athletics incorporates full body workouts designed to enhance sports performance by strengthening and improving specific movement patterns associated with the sport. Providing a strong base that prevents muscle imbalances and reduces the risk of injuries. Building a strong base allows young athletes to progress and mature as an athlete to achieve higher levels of competition. Becoming educated in the ways of training will give kids a head start if they move on to high school athletics and give them the knowledge for a life of staying active and being fit for life!